Why Choose Us ? Because We already know who is going to buy your property.

Your property is a very important and valuable asset.

We recognize that Selling Property are among the biggest decisions that people ever make, so we take our responsibility as Agents seriously. Not all agents are the same. Choosing the correct Real Estate Agent to sell your Property is very important. There are several ways to sell your Property. There is nothing wrong with Estate Agents, Online Property Portals, Mediators or Brokers but the process can be long, Costly & Stressful. Your Property Deserves more than a good Real Estate Agent, It needs a great team.

CityMash Properties Limited is not Just about what we do that’s different, its also about how well we do it.  You are probably thinking, “ How do you do that? “

With our breakthrough AI Technology, we can pinpoint buyers to identify the ideal targets for your Property. We use sophisticated technologies and strategies that are proven to be part of a process that works.

Selling a Property is like a Business, and every Business needs good Marketing. Advertising, Remodeling or Upgrading, Photography, Internet Exposure, Staging, Design, Floor Plan Measurements, Videography, Presentation, Inspections, Agent Outreach and Relationships, Pricing, All make up the difference between failure and a successful sale. Our in-house team of graphic designers, analysts, tech gurus and marketing strategists work with the agents to provide unparalleled service to every client.

Your property will be professionally photographed and a video tour will be made to attract potential buyers.

We have a Database of more than 2 million Potential Buyers ready and waiting for the right Property to come up for sale and it could be yours.

We know how difficult it is to sell a Property quickly, which is why we have found a way for property owners to speed up the process with a Team of Dedicated Real Estate Agents & with a Dynamic Marketing Plan. So whatever the reason, you can get the Property sale you require.

Interested to sell your Property?

Sounds too good to be true? Get in touch and find out! We’ll walk you through the steps it will take to change your Property status from Listed to Sold. If You are considering putting your Property on the market we are just a phone call away.